Do you like the new forum?

By failing to include any details you make it impossible to effect change. Was that your intent?

Realistically, my iPad is so old (gen 4, late 2012) that my expectation was that a Discourse update was applied earlier today that requires browser functionality I don't (and now can't) have so I was actually just bitchin'.

That said, thie iPad model is MD511LL/A running iOS 10.3.3. I have Safari, whose version I can't identify but I believe begins with 10.

I also have Chrome 71.0.3578.89.

I tried to install Firefox, but it looked at my hardware and just laughed.

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If you could first add Firefox to your library, then try to install it on the iPad, it should offer you the last compatible version.
At least that was possible (for other apps) when i last tried with my iPod touch 4 running IOS 6.1.6

My thanks to the Arduino web site crew.

OK so perhaps this is common knowledge but I figured out I can begin a reply, then navigate to other parts of the site, not opening a new window. Do the post thing, hit the Reply button and be taken back to the post I was replying to.

It’s very upsetting when windows pop up and says, “you have give too many responses let someone else reply” “the thread is marked solve you don’t need to respond” (wording may be a bit be different).

The web master can put these pop ups where the sun don’t shine.

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I uninstalled Chrome and a reinstall did that very thing.

Firefox: No yuo!

I see that we have a new feature I'm finding irritating: a message bar appears when any new post has been made while I'm looking at the main forum page. The annoyance is that when it appears, it scrolls the list of topics, which leads to moment of "What just happened, I wasn't touching anything!"

Not seen it myself yet ?

@pert @dax1 is there a new feature ?

There may be others. I am sure that selecting text in a post used only to offer to quote it by now offers Edit as well, which I hope is a mod only choice


Are there any other changes/surprises I wonder ?

I hope so too !
Such a feature would be prone to abuse by spammers and trolls !
Why were we not advised of any changes ?
This harks back to the bad days of SMF. :cold_sweat:

Edit on your own posts would be OK

The Edit is odd as it behaves differently depending on how much text you select. Try it and see

Can you share a screenshot or a gif of this bar?

It offers the choice of editing, it allows you to edit and save the edit but the edit does not get saved, well, it didn't when I just tried (oh yes it does !) it.

As a staff user (moderator) you can access the admin dashboard of this site to see the New Features (at least the major ones)

Fast edit is a minor change since it doesn't change what users can edit (normal users can only edit their posts and staff can edit everyone's posts) it just makes editing much faster bypassing the need to open the composer, see Introducing fast edit - feature / announcements - Discourse Meta.

@dax1 It would have been nice to know that there were to be changes and even better to know what changes to expect (no it doesn't!) (OK, it seems to work now!)

Here it is - the blue bar saying "See three new or updated topics".

But nothing was mentioned on the dashboard !
Minor or otherwise for the EDIT upgrade.
Somebody should have at least mentioned it in STAFF or MODERATORS etc. so we were "heads up".

Same goes for the pop up that Bill is seeing (still not seen it here).

Feel free to subscribe to the "announcements" category in the Discourse Meta forum if you want to get notifications of new features in the Discourse software.


I was subbed to the META loooong before anyone here even heard of discourse !
Additionally why are we always expected to wander around the web for this sort of topic ?
Is it not incumbent on Arduino to have a more dedicated thread for these ?
Personally did it for SMF so people knew what was going on and would suggest that idea is once again taken up even if it is not by me.

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Will that tell us when the changes are to be applied here and if they are optional then which ones will be applied ?