Do you like the new forum?

TL3 of which there are 33 only out of a possible 30,000 plus !

Not what would normally be considered a "regular" by way of the majority.
More a super user or something similar.

I'm sorry for the confusion. I was granted TL3 and the badge called it Regular.

A consensus was reached with no dissent, that posts and titles should not really be edited by users.
We have asked that the feature be turned OFF and that users (any level) use the FLAG system instead.


It was convenient to add code tags (on occasions) or remove passwords when OP was too slow… but understood

14 posts were split to a new topic: Safari issues with discourse?

Another occasional bug: The main page tells me that there is a new topic in some category by showing a number - one in this case.

Today it was motors, mechanics and CNC. I click on it and it shows a list of topics and again New(1) at the top. Scrolling down, there are none. If I refresh the page, it now admits that actually, there are no new topics. Returning to the main page, it too has realized its error and corrected it.

Safari Version 13.1.2 (13609.

That issue happens on other browsers too. I reported it a month ago but have not heard anything yet. Happens with new and unread.

The "counter" bug was also pushed up the chain.

2021-11-01 at 09-43-53

It does not appear to be BROWSER specific as I can see it in Chrome, EDGE, and FF (all current versions)


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I saw an odd issue today - I think I've actually seen it before but it didn't register.

I tried to quote a previous user's one sentence post but the quoted bit didn't appear, making something of a nonsense of my post. On inspection, I noticed that my post had been edited by 'system' with this comment: " Automatically removed quote of whole previous post. "

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Ah that sounds the "auto quote" which is limited in its scope to just a few words.
Had that here too.
The regular quote from the edit windows should however work as expected.

Not sure if the length can be expanded @pert ?

This only happens when you quote the last post ?

The work around is to type something before the quoted text.

Or quote in multiple parts and address the points individually.

This is a menace and has definitely been discussed before:
It is undoing something a user has explicitly done, that is quoting a specific post, and let's give that user the benefit of the doubt that he/she had a good reason for doing it.


I can see that it might have value if you're quoting a huge tract of text, but to do it indiscriminately is just silly.

I meant the newer "quick quote" or "snippet" not the regular quote.

The screenshot I shared is all 8 results from a search for settings that contain the word "quote". So that would have included any settings that contained "quick quote".

As for "snippet", there are 0 search results.

In the last fifteen minutes there was a post about making a smart house heating controller, including explanation, flow chart and code. I didn't recognize the user so it was probably a new one. While I was reading it, the page became unresponsive, wouldn't refresh and on returning to the main page, there's no sign of the post.

Usually, even if the user deletes their content, the post remains and gets locked. Did someone just create an account, type an extensive post and delete their account, or was there a glitch?

Hi @wildbill. I'm guessing you mean this one?

The forum software uses the "Akismet" spam detection service. It seems to have a bit of a lag time, so the posts go public then the spam detection runs on them, then if there is a detection the post is made private until a moderator can review it. That Akismet thing produces a huge number of false positives so a lot of posts are affected by it. This post was one of them, but I have already reviewed it and made it public again less than a minute after you made this post. Fortunately, the moderators are very quick with reviews, so the posts shouldn't go dark too long, but it still is very unfortunate.


That was the one. Thanks for the explanation. If there are that many false positives I'm surprised that I haven't seen it before - apparently the moderators are super efficient :grinning: