Do you like the new forum?

Sorry, forgot to specify, win7 and firefox.

Strange, my block system just kicked out something called “iubenda” that triedto sneak in from this page … ads ? (anyway ads are all blocked by default here)

… advertising tracker … they stay locked …

Exactly which pencil are you selecting and where ?


I just tried to copy code from an old tutorial of mine and paste it into the IDE to recompile…

it’s now full of stray ‘\240’ and stray ‘\302’ all over the place so tutorials that were already hard to read because of poor layout of the image now have unusable code… great… ~15000 viewers for that tutorial, so may be it helped a few when it was useful…

I’ve had enough for today…

That’s seriously bad

I ran updates on my Mac and got Safari 13.1.2. I now see the top bar appearing. Might be the upgrade, but it may simply have been the reboot.

The system just sent me a message about a post I made.

In the post, I used an emoji of a hand with one of the fingers pointed up.

If the almighty system thinks the image is inappropriate, the system should take it out of the collection of emojis the system offers to the users ! ! !

Not signed in but posting?

How do I sign out?

How do I sign in? So far it seems to happen magically like cookies or something, I have yet to find the front door to the debacle which is the new system.

BTW Looks like we all be learning some markdown stuff. Or trying.


I use the sledge hammer; clear the cookies.

Iubenda is used to handle privacy and cookies policies, GDPR consent and those kind of things.
They’re not ads.

The problem is that it’s not “the system” that decides this … in this type of forum, one of the new “features” (as they call the bugs :upside_down_face: ) is that when other users flag your post just cause they don’t like them, the forum hides them without the intervent of the mods … and when is a trust level 2 or 3 that do this, the hiding is automated and immediate (if i recall correctly how these features bugs works), so, anyone can cause this just flagging a post 2 or 3 times (depend from the settings, i think)

Welcome in the era of instant-nazi-public-censorship :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

EDIT: anyway, you’re right in that … if an emoticon is made available, then it must be considered not inappropriate, otherwise that emoticon had to be NOT made available by default :+1:

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Really ? On a post from a year ago :yawning_face:


Any unwanted hidden tracker is considered ads (or, anyway, potentially dangerous) and locked by default, here.

I block every tracker too, doesn’t mean that every tracker are ads.

OK never mind…

I see differences between Safari and Firefox and I will assume there are still some “issues” that need ironing out.

Lazy: I leave it to anyone else to scurry around and document the problem(s).


Well, I hope whoever flagged my post also sent a message to the owners of the web site complaining about the selection of emojis that the web staff is offering the users to use inside their posts.

I used the tools offered from this new web site !

I am p*ssed *ff ! ! !


Hear that. At least 15 of those emoji hand gestures are offensive to someones somewheres.

To pick on one, what even is it, another pointing finger? seems unreasonable.

To cater to all sensitivities would mean just getting rid of them all.




Literally clicked each pencil I could find in turn.
Also selected the spanner then the SELECT option.
Selected the post to be moved
Then the MOVE TO and was presented with that stupid
2021-04-15 at 12-15-44

Whis is about as much use as a chocolate chisel !

Can we have a #DISCOBOT for moderation like we have for the forum usage ?