Do you like the new forum?

In my message inbox, if the member who left me a message is no longer a member, then the message can’t be deleted. I have a number of such soliciting messages where the sender is no longer a forum member and I can’t delete the messages. In fact, there is NO delete, just remove yourself from the message option, which I find a bit disgusting. Not everything new is good and not every thing has to be threads and conversations.

Pop a bottle of something nice and relax.

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Thanks a lot … someting is changed because … when I tried the same procedure for the first time, among the various choices, the possibility of a “new thread” did NOT appear … now, instead, it appears :grin:

Again thanks,


I think I’ve got the solution… replace the pencil button icon with the extended middle finger.


There is an emoji for that :smiley:

Ask LarryD

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Be calm LarryD, be very calm . . . . . .

Where are my 3000+ images I made for the post " Share tips you have come across"

I can no longer see images in posts #0 to #873 using: Windows 10 Google Chrome.

Be calm, be VERY F******G calm ! ! ! !


I have a spare one of these, you can turn the volume up if needed.



And where is the damn PENCIL icon that allows me to edit posts prior to post #873 !

A request has been made to change that .

I’m laughing like a moron! :joy: :rofl:

How could one find them, this is so confusing design that I can’t keep on track what I see???
But they are there, hidden features that can been seen without digging deeper?

I have a lots of problems with reading english, that’s why I try to do my best to write properly, just like coding. Not an easy task for me. I can compare this my musical lack of skills, I can’t follow notes on a paper without somebody pointing the place…


What the hell!!! I tried to reply to Pert, but I can’t find the place where it started in the first place. This is really a piece of… useless.


How do you normally find RSS feeds? In the old days when they were more popular, sometimes websites would have an icon or a page with a list of feeds, but I find that very rare these days. This is why I hunted down and installed that Chrome extension I shared in my previous reply. It finds all the RSS feeds of a website if it has one.

I think that one is only for Chrome, but I’m certain there is the equivalent for Firefox. I used to have my Firefox set up to do this but now when I look it doesn’t seem to be there. I seem to remember that it was a built-in functionality which was lost during some major update to that browser.

Same here, with win7 and firefox i see maybe one image each 15 or 20, all the others are turned in text names (without any link) or white squares with broken link icon.

The lack of responses from the web staff is deafening .

Web master poll:

  • Let’s just sit back and ignore the old fogeys.
  • They will get tired and move on to a different forum, good riddance.
  • Maybe we should have tested the software conversion process.
  • I still am getting a pay check so everything is just fine.

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(sorry, can’t resist :upside_down_face: )


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Oh i just thought to add the pictures of closing [code] tags not working right without the new line, but then i was looking for (i think it was @pert but i may have been someone else) then i got stuck with the dynamic topic feed ajajaj i understand you don’t want to send the whole thread in one go, but now the focus on the side bar is always changing or i am scrolling forever.
Anyway the pics

here the it doesn’t close properly and even removes the CR’s from the content

Sort of same here. Is it maybe because i am using lowercase ? hmm i’ll check that next time, the forum used to use uppercase i guess.

I just looked at the vote in the poll a few posts above. 100% of the votes voted for one proposal, and the other 33% voted for another.

I really wish I could post a screenshot.