Do you like the new forum?

OK, well as I said you are welcome to find the equivalent extension for your browser of choice. I’m just sharing what happens to have worked for me. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to go about it. I’m perfectly happy which what I’ve managed to put together, so I didn’t feel the need to search further.

I have always consumed the forum via email. I get an email for every new topic and I can use the email filters to sort or exclude things. When I am interested in a topic, I’ll load just that forum page alone, then if I have some thing to add to the discussion I’ll comment and if I only want to follow the conversation I’ll configure it for watching so I’ll get another email for every comment.

In this manner, I avoid the need for using a large portion of the UI of the forum. You might find you can do the same with your RSS feeds.

Say what? The timeline is not working properly. Replys are not where they should be.


Nice to see how far of topic this thread has drifted. Not.

Why isn’t there a thread for bugs and suggestions?

Would love to see the posting stats for the new site after a week and then a month compared with historical totals. That will be final arbiter.

My preference would be for people to create a separate topic for each unique bug or suggestion. With the way you all are loving the monothreads, I’m starting to think we should have gone with Discord instead of Discourse!

But if you do want a bug monothread, this one should do:

Would love to see the posting stats for the new site after a week and then a month compared with historical totals. That will be final arbiter.

It sure seems to be buzzing harder than ever at the moment.


Uh oh, got the below in a plain white browser page

Slow down, too many requests from this IP address

Just because I tried to go back a few pages using < ctrl > < left >

I’ve been getting the same from browsing that even larger “Share tips you have come across” topic.

That’s where I came from :wink: Did not think it was actually relevant.

But now you’ve mentioned it, scrolling through (long) threads will refresh the url each time that you scroll a bit up or down. So for LarryD’s thread that might be a few 100 urls being send to the server.


I just can’t… this is mess. Forum have to be helpful to the platform. In this moment it seems like the existence of this forum is almost only to itself.
Sad, sad.
Well, nothing, everything has to end one day.

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And another thing.

Where are the sub script and super script text formatting commands? I just had to type the word “degrees” in a reply. This is, as has probably escaped the people writing this mess, a scientific forum, not one about knitting.

Sub script and super script is important in a scientific context.


It certainly seems like the Discourse platform - as configured - is more suited to shorter / low-count conversations.

The fluffy dice on the page frames as a whole, and very l-o-o-o-ong pages are extremely unintuitive - even for experienced users.

A few importnat features seem to default to generating ‘noise’ - and the repetitive effort to turn those features off/down is time wasting. Some of those settings don’t seem to be persistent across sessions.

As a forum platform Discourse looks really nice, and -may- be configurable, but from what I’ve seen so far - I’d guess i’m only catching about 30% of the threads I want to read/contribute to.

I’ll stay connected, but likely to come in maybe once every couple of days - rather than multiple times per day as was the case previously.
i.e. an 80% drop in participation

This might be good: beginners not being overwhelmed, but less likely to see the high-output contributors spending their time playing with pull-downs and unintuitive icon buttons.

Surely you are joking. One of the major benefits of code blocks is the ability to easily copy the code for examination and testing

There was nothing stopping him being asked if he minded it being updated

Like this you mean ?


Done using the <sup> tag, which of course is obvious to anyone well versed in markup languages and so easy to use that I am surprised that you did not know how to do it or found it tedious to do compared with just clicking a button

Come on Mike. Get with the program :grinning:

Well I forgot what it was, there you go, I must be getting too old. At least too old for this modern forum. So we answer questions about complex electronic devices but we also have to be “well versed in markup languages” as well.
I think it is time I gave up. I just can’t navigate this pile of crap to find the sections I used to look at, it is all a jumbled mess.


I’ve actually never seen superscript and subscript in in the old forum :wink: Probably me.

Always just typed 10[sup]2[/sup] and V[sub]in[/sub] when I needed it. But the BBcode for this seems no longer supported; something new to learn.

I just used the new code tags for the first time.
That’s it… never again. Waste of screen space and normal line editing keys don’t work as expected.
It took me 15 minutes to add 2 minutes worth of code.

For me, it’s now second nature. It might become that for you as well :wink:

It is actually easier to type and format the code in the IDE then use Copy for forum and paste it back here, but for a forum being used to support a programming environment not allowing code to be entered or pasted in easily is a nonsense

That’s not always possible. I don’t have an IDE on my cell phone :smiley:

Seemingly, the reply to the comment is duplicated (as show on below image)

is very intuitive in simplifying things in the login if not connected with user and other convenient functions and a great design for the cms, has some bugs but is normal being just released

I like it and I find it a great job and I think personal, I do not see other forums with the same mechanism and management, so it should be created from 0