Do you like the new forum?

The forum settings show it as 4 MB

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The plugin has an option for this:

I have mixed feelings about the empty checkbox on topics that have not been marked solved. I sympathize with your opinion that it adds even more visual noise to what is already a significant increase from the old forum.

However, as I look at it more, I think it could have value in emphasizing the fact that the topic has not been marked solved. This might result in:

  • Helpers being more likely to give the topic attention to get it solved.
  • Topic creators being reminded to use the “solved” feature when their question was answered.

As I said before, I’m very interested in getting more feedback from the forum members about this new “solved” feature. I’m seeing it already being used to some extent, and I think think the utilization will increase over time, especially if we provide some user documentation. IMO, it could be very beneficial if it ended up being used regularly.

The way it is described works well for me as it propagates the best answer in the top positions.
Being that the OP is primary in choosing is just icing on the cake.

I don’t see it being a “common use” item but still exceptionally useful.

I liked the idea so I tried it - click on the pin icon and it turns upside down. Refresh the page and it’s gone. But not really - it’s just moved.

new arduino forum software unpinning

Am I doing something wrong?

Now that sounds liike a seriously good idea. It might go some way to making this a forum for grown-ups.

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Well I am pleasantly surprised !

Some of the images in the tread have returned home.

If the web team is responsible, thank you !

Hope all the remaining missing images will find their way home too.

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Huh, who knows? They went away for me. Maybe you didn’t have enough faith? :slight_smile:

Actually I think the refresh may not be absolute here. I swear sometimes things refresh and sometimes they come out of cache somewhere. Try not refreshing but clicking on that forum’s link somewhere.

-jim lee

Even after a topic is unpinned, it’s still a topic in that forum category. So they don’t really disappear. They just don’t stick to the top of the topic listings for the category anymore. They are displayed in the normal order.

Unsticking stickies is a great feature. Thanks for pointing that out. Do you also find a way to mark all posts in a category as read?

Sorry but it is not nice, it seems to have been designed by someone who never did much actually answering of questions here.!!! totally agree with statement

Also your “real time showing posts w/o page” is awful :frowning:

This strike-through migration issue appears to have been corrected. The red highlighting is gone.

Is there a way to jump into the middle of a conversation - i.e. like the old ‘pages’ ?
Also when composing a new reply, it hides the previous posts - it used to be convenient to scroll back if you needed to check detail - or cut some bits of the previous text. Now - no can do.


There is a “quick “ vertical navigation bar on the right. (Possibly browser dependent)
Try using the browser back button while you are composing a reply. It preserves the “reply” box and lets you navigate around in the forum.

Not that quick, but if you know the post number, you can add/modify the post number in the address bar; e.g. will take you to reply #32 in this thread.

To jump to the beginning of the thread, use the url without a post number, e.g.

It works quite easily on a PC, a cell phone might be a bit trickier.

Whilst composing your reply, as I am now, you can scroll back through the topic or even jump to another one, at least his is the case on a PC

Is there any way to shade or colour code the sticky posts at the head of forum category list? Or at least add horizontal demarkation line, like the forum currently does with “last visit”?

It’s just that I find the small grey tacks aren’t enough for my eye to easily differentiate between between the sticky and latest posts in the list.

The sticky are no longer globally sticking - you can unlock them which I think is great as they are Accumulating at the start of the forum when I prefer to see new posts.

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Thanks, that’s really improved the readability.

Forbidden words ?

I found this while browsing the “Display” forum and am reminded of a list of forbidden words which, at one time, excluded at least one PCB manufacturer in the old forum. Is this the same thing or is there a special policy for new users ?

(red colouring from me , text could be from the OP - a new user)

a bit above you can read

Btw, I 've tested that TFT LCD with ESP32-CAM (AI Thinker version), The tested sketches were:
2/ESP32-CAM Auto-Selfie Camera with TFT – Robot Zero OneRobot Zero One
The third link was removed by the policy to newly registered user

(colouring is mine too)