Do you like the new forum?

I get the search bar in any other browser I have(Chrome,Firefox and Opera) I have on my computer.

There is a dedicated topic where this problem is being discussed here:

The single most important improvement to the forum would be if that first time posters are required to first read a short page about how to post. So much time and bandwidth is wasted because we don’t have that.

I wonder if the trust feature could be used as a gateway - make user read ‘how to post’ etc. before posting privileges are granted.

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There is a mechanism somewhat like what you describe.

A message is shown on the post composer pane during their first two posts:

Welcome to Arduino Forum — thanks for starting a new conversation!

  • Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud? Is it a good summary?
  • Who would be interested in this? Why does it matter? What kind of responses do you want?
  • Include commonly used words in your topic so others can find it. To group your topic with related topics, select a category (or tag).

For more, see our community guidelines. This panel will only appear for your first 2 posts.

There is a related mechanism as well:

When first entering the site after signing up, new users see a screen overlay that directs them to read a “Greetings” PM from @discobot:

This PM invites them to participate in an interactive tutorial about the basics of using the forum.

Now, none of that is currently Arduino-specific, but it does cover the things that are universal to every forum. It is also possible to customize any of it.

The quote:

The Arduino Forum is now completely renovated (and it’s so nice)

obviously uses a much different definition of the term, “so nice,” than the one I know. This new forum format is a pathetically broken FUPOS. (I am NOT going to define that - look it up.)

Forum posts are missing important pictures and illustrations. E.g.:

Flyback diodes and why you need them

Forum posts that include code are missing text in the code (such as file names within angle brackets in #include statements.) E.g. (note the include statements in the poster’s code):

Finally Got ATtiny85 Watchdog Interrupt to Work During Sleep-mode

These are two problems that I know of. I can only wonder what else might be broken.

What was wrong with the previous forum format, anyway? Remember the motto emblazoned on the coat-of-arms of Lord Havelock Vetinari:

Si non confectus, non reficiat.

Sage advice, indeed.

Please get rid of this so-called “completely renovated” (but completely broken) forum format and bring the previous working one back.

And why did my post above highlight part of the first link in green? I cannot get rid of that green highlight!

Edit: I see that the mysterious green highlighting is gone now. I have no idea what that was about.

Is there a “feature request” thread for the new and “improved” forum?
I would like to request that the sig file be turned on.

We are told that the work is in progress to fix this:

This has been reported already and we are told that the fix is in progress:

However, I see that “several hours” were mentioned, but that was a week ago.

@dax1 do you know anything about the progress of that reformatting effort?

I just went ahead and fixed that one. What I’ve noticed is that all I need to do is edit the post, then save the edit and it is automatically fixed. I don’t actually need to make any changes to the post itself. So it’s easy enough to fix a single post, but of course it’s not feasible to do this on a forum global scale one post at a time. That said, if you do need a specific post fixed, you can feel free to flag it or message me and I’ll help out.

There is an explanation here:

Not that I’m aware of. you’re welcome to start one.

My personal preference would be that we have a separate topic for each distinct feature request, rather than some unmanageable mile long topic like this one, but the interested parties are free to handle it as they think best.

My research indicates that Discourse intentionally does not have native support for signatures:

I’ve never been a fan of them myself.

The image in my post, above, shows sig in Discourse, so it is possible.
If you don’t like sigs, you can turn them off.

There seems to be some AI that tries to recognise code and add triple backticks when it thinks that something is code. I’m not sure if it’s the case, but if it is, it’s buggy. Maybe it’s an idea to modify that AI and if it recognises code without code tags or without single backticks let it inform the poster?

Do you have an example of some content that will trigger this system?


I get plenty of notification on messages I’ve already seen and it seems the only thing that changed is at the bottom and there is a crypting


what does it mean to be Listed and Unlisted?

It means what it says. The topic was marked unlisted, ie invisible, then later marked as listed again

It seems that a number of topics were accidentally marked as unlisted and that once the mistake was recognised they were made listed again.

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OK thx
I was confused by the “unlisted” term.

From What is the difference between Closed, Unlisted and Archived topics? - faq - Discourse Meta

So “unlisted” means that the topic is not shown in the topic listings but anyone with the URL of the topic can still access it and participate.

thanks @pert

Not fully checked myself but seems that pictures are finally arriving and settling into thier old homes.
If anyone has posts that involved pics you should check them !

Thanks to LarryD for the heads up
Thanks more so to the teams in the back room for making it happen.


yes I have seen that over the last few days for my former posts or tutorials.

keep cranking, it’s improving !