Do you like the new forum?

There is a batch update process running that is automatically closing old topics

Does it have to? I am not at all looking forward to 10000+ “unread” posts that do nothing but notify me that a topic has been closed! (or is it only for the creator of the topic? that wouldn’t be so bad. Edit: Nope, it’s not…)

Is there a technical disadvantage to leaving topics “open”?

Hello I’m here too…

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

It looks like this obsessional closing of threads has now extended to threads which were active a few days ago.

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Thanks so much for reporting this @6v6gt! Thanks to your feedback and the quick response from the Discourse team, the small number of topics that were closed contrary to how the process was intended to work have now all been reopened.

The problem was caused by a misconfiguration of the forum. It turns out that the “close after 4 months of inactivity” feature is set on a per-category basis and it can be configured to either close based on the topic creation date or the last post date. The Displays category was unintentionally configured to close four months after the topic creation date instead of the unintended four months after last post date. So the robot did precisely what it was told to, as is their wont.

If anyone spots any closed topics that don’t look right, feel free to flag them or to contact me directly and we’ll take a look.

“ So the robot did precisely what it was told to”

Robot, do whatever necessary to protect humanity.

Careful what you wish for; the biggest threat to humanity is too many humans.

Sure - but it does work within code tags!

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My point.

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Underscore, as any other so-called “markdown syntax”, is a commonly used printable character … if the forum script prevent users to use common use printable characters, this is simply a good reason for KILL (or al so better PERMANENTLY NUCLEARIZE ) markdowns on the forum.

It really doesn’t. You’ll find that under normal usage there is no problem with underscores:

Could you deal with using a Raspberry Pi 4 for Programming Arduino and casual internet? They average about 10-15W (1 to 8G ram) and use an HDMI TV for a screen.

I went from a gaming PC to an RPI, my electric bill dropped 1/3rd.
So far I can run the Arduino IDE but the Arduino file install took working something out.

I got my RPi4 with 2G board from Seeed Studio for $35 ($45 - $10 special, 4G is $55) but still needed tiny-HDMI to HDMI cable, a 3.5A charger with the right USB plug and a few more 32G microSD’s and a USB media writer to copy SD including the running system. Stay safe and keep 2 just installed copies and 2+ with current links and more packages. You will also need a keyboard and mouse, the RPi does have BT and 4 USB.

Is anyone else seeing blurry images rather than in focus images in postings ?

Yesterday, the images started to be downloaded very slowly, today they are just displayed as a blurry image block.

I see a similar thing, although eventually the blurry image does resolve into a picture if I wait long enough.

Images from are loading very slow indeed. Sometimes I have to refresh the page before they become visible. Another penalty point for discourse.

Until then I see some fancy but useless background image:
Clipboard 20210506-182637
PS.: This image was compressed from 16.1 kb to 15.0 kb, just by uploading it to the forum. Not good for quality.

I am seeing the blurry images also. Checked my internet speed, 88 Mbs download, so I’m thinking the slowness is on the source side.

So, for a switch/case range:

case ‘A’…‘Z’:
// … Something here

case ‘a’…‘z’:
// … Something similar here

Edit: can’t see what all the fuss is about.

Yes, we are having issue with our CDN provider, see Discourse Status Page


Well, i wanted to get some Pi variant (for other purposes) for some time, but sadly always something else comes up and eats my budget…
A Pi 4 can’t fully replace my ancient PC, even a modern laptop can’t do this, it can only be something additional to the PC.


Win 10…
I occasionally see intially a blurred image, say for 1/4 second, then full image.

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I get that on some other sites too.
Usually it is because it is a “progressive.jpg” or other semi compressed format.