Do you like the new forum?

At the current moment, images now appear instantly on the iPad !

Thank you website staff :+1:

This is normal behavior, the image remains blurry until it is fully loaded

Backslashes help against extra dots:
abc.\. xyz\.\.
abc.. xyz..

… but if you let two dots touch, the whole paragraph (except code tags) is affected – even when they touch inside code tags:
.. \.\.
… …

\.\. \.\.\.
… …

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Dont cross the beams. :rofl:

Is that like not letting them get wet?
Feeding them after midnight?
(Which has me baffled, because no matter what time it is, it is always after midnight)

:grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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I have a request for the new forum.

I like to use the top-level page, and scroll down the list of active topics on the right hand side. I click on topics of interest, and then use the browser 'back' function to return to the top-level page.

However, when I do that, it returns me to the top of the active topics list, not the point where I had scrolled to. So I then have to scroll down to find the topic I was just looking at, before continuing my browse through the remaining topics.

Is there any way you can arrange it so that 'back' takes me back to the previously scrolled position?

I know that the active topics list is being updated constantly, so perhaps the 'back' function needs to not include a page reload (which is, I imagine, why it goes back to the top every time).

What exactly do you mean by the "top-level page" ?
What have you got your default home page set to ?


This one:

This has nothing to do with my browser home page. I'm talking about just this Arduino forum.

Not your browser home page but the forum home page, set in Preferences

Ah, sorry. It is set to 'Categories'. That's the one I like to use, and which shows the problem with forgetting your scroll position when you go 'back' to it.

I flip between New and Categories. New does remember your scroll position.

I suspect now that that's why I flip - once I've read a bunch of the top ones in Categories, perhaps I've become subconsciously irritated by all the scrolling.

The "remember where I was" function does not work on that page because the number of topics is limited (then you have to click on the More... button to load more topics).

You should change your interface to display only the topic list, then switch to Latest or at most Top .

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Sorted! Thanks, all.

@alranel I love it, but just there is a lot of white space on each side. Please add more stuff there (NOT ADS)!!!

Any chance of adding a "Mark forum as read" or "Mark site as read" feature? Maybe a "Mark thread as read" might be useful - I haven't thought that through, but you get the idea.

Such a feature is available on another forum I use, and it's really handy, because it "wipes out" all the unread posts that I don't want to read, and don't want hanging around as "unread".

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If you visit your Unread page you can do it by clicking the Dismiss button

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I am missing my old linked graphics like this one:

As you see, you can see nothing.

Source: Mit einem Nrf24 unterschiedliche Struct-Daten an mehrere Empfänger versenden - #15 by agmue

Thanks for your reply, Dax.

That isn't really quite what I was looking for, because topics only appear in Unread in the following circumstances:

By default, topics are considered unread and will show unread counts 1 if you:

  • Created the topic
  • Replied to the topic
  • Read the topic for more than 4 minutes

Or if you have explicitly set the topic to Tracked or Watched via the :bell: in each topic.

I was hoping for something without those constraints. Basically, a button near the top of each page saying "Mark thread as read", "Mark forum as read", etc. It's a super convenient way of clearing away the stuff from the past you aren't interested in.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion - you'll know whether it's doable or not! :grinning:

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Have you tried
at the top of the New page ?


That is a good thing that linked images are not supported.
The number of times I have come across threads that are even 1 month old and product images have gone because they were linked to ebay or ali or bang which are dynamic sites.
The OP has linked to his blog or image cloud, then deleted it.

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee::australia: