Do you like the new forum?

There must be a logical explanation.

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Probably the more logical of all ... they just don't care (AKA "lazyness" :crazy_face: )

The logical explanation is that they needed a new forum tool (regulations, performance,…) and made a decision and now live with it.

Some modifications might be too costly or are not top priority or seen as minor and that’s a judgement call and a business decision.

As far as I am concerned, after investing time to adjust my habits and “workflow”, and dealing with change (no one likes change), I find the new forum overall better than the previous one. Sure there are annoyances here and there but the previous tool had its quirks too…

If at some point the annoyances get on my nerves too much then I’ll stop coming and go help / contribute / participate elsewhere. No big deal.


The old forum software was falling to bits and was becoming unmaintainable. Surely you remember the forum being offline on many occasions?

I had many of the doubts expressed by others when the change over first happened but now I am used to the new software I think its way better than the old.

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I don't think it's way better; but all the old problems have disappeared. From that perspective, I will happily live with the new forum for the rest of my life, even though I would prefer the old look-and-feel.

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I beg to differ a bit.

Maybe as matter of less server problems and more stability you're right, it's "working" better.

But from this to say that the structure, layout, confusion, uneasy system, unpleasurable experience, and unadequate work system that it actually have compared with the "classical" forum structures and layouts is "better" than the previous one, it's a totally different thing.

It's just "working" better that the previous one as less problems, less offline time, less database corruption and other similar things, this yes, is true.

It's also much worse than the previous one as bad structure, bad layout, bad style of pages, and generally bad way it acts, and also this is true.

If this was not true, there was not so much peoples that said (and is still saying) you that they don't like it, you don't think ? :wink:

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I think these are subjective - there are things I don’t like for sure but there are cool shortcuts to get things done when you have gotten used to it and adjusted your muscle memory

My biggest complain is the amount of white space on my 32 inch monitor and the inability to adjust to my sight (bigger font but still seing lots if text without undue scrolling) and the lack of text color and a few other formatting options in the tool bar

On iPhone it’s the super unpleasant 1 Line of text you get when editing a post (and have zoomed the font)

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Well get a smaller monitor! :rofl:
Seriously I realise such things are personal and if you don't like it then you don't like it. I don't really notice a problem but if you do I would be foolish to suggest otherwise.

Trying to do moderation on a mobile phone is difficult and I know I've made mistakes as a result of trying, my apologies to anyone affected.

I've got used to this forum's quirks and am reasonably happy with it. I respect that others do not agree.

That's an idea :slight_smile:
I could make the window smaller, it's a cheaper option... With age my sight is no longer what it used to be. It's a shame to have all that white space and not using it to display useful content which leads to more scrolling than necessary (esp. when code is involved)

responsive design and adaptive design are not something new...

And there seems to be no intention of improvement, although it has been pointed out to be relatively easy to do so. That leaves me with a feeling that does not motivate me to contribute. I still check to see if i want to contribute, but it's less and less.

It has been a constant complain right from the very start, and the response has been that a line longer than 75 chars is harder to read, but no possibility of columns separating the thread from the composer window. There appears to be no one really listening anyway, so why do we even bother.

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As Perry says, such things are personal and in the way that I work on the device that I use I see no wasted space either side of the forum contents

To be clear I am using a PC and don't work with the forum open full screen.

As I said, it is personal

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For me that's true, the current width is about right for me. However, a setting to change it to whatever you like would be helpful for those with a different preference.

sure, but if you increase the font size to be really BIG then the amount of usable text becomes appalling and it's really a pain when there is code with long lines.

I'll survive :slight_smile:

and my nephew who is young and has good sight and uses the smallest font possible sees this :slight_smile:

I can read the text at its current size perfectly well on my 24 inch screen

As with large TV's I have never seen the point of having a larger screen then sitting further away which effectively reduces the size of the screen

I guess I need better glasses

I think its important to consider what your real motivations are for contributing.

Certainly your contributions benefit the Arduino organization and so you might well wonder why you should make such an effort for an organization that won't do the same in return. In my opinion, the good of the Arduino organization outweighs whatever deficiencies it might have, and so it is still worthy of our contributions, but of course my opinion on this matter should be considered biased given the somewhat "official" position I somehow find myself in.

But the Arduino project is much bigger than the organization alone. This forum is a place for us to share knowledge and the entire world benefits when you contribute to that sharing. I think that is enough to justify contributing even if you don't feel the motivation solely for the sake of the benefit to the Arduino organization. The forum is certainly not perfect, but it does serve as an effective way to share knowledge.

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I do, as i consider my motives as a mere matter of habit. I like to return what i receive, i enjoy helping others and i enjoy solving puzzles. The forum has helped me solve issues and i have learned from helping others.

It is not about the organization per se, i am seriously disappointed that the creators of the new forum have asked for our opinion, but do not act upon it.

My screen looks like this, but i would be so much better if i could have the composer window on the right and the thread on the left. I can have a bigger composer window, which gives me more overview, without it obstructing more of the thread than needed. I have mentioned before that in some ways this is not a standard forum, and that sometimes while responding you may need to review different parts of the thread. Removing of the pages has actually helped in this, but wasting space is not helping.
There was someone who provided CSS & HTML that you could add to add columns and improve the layout, but if that can be done, then why hasn't it been done ?

For sure it is, but in the end it is how much i feel like it in the moment that i am browsing
You know it's a hobby, nothing else.

Well about that... What opinion do you have about the layout as it is now ? And about the suggested improvements and whether or not some effort should be made to implement them ?

I'm somewhat old fashioned and stuck in my ways. I don't like modern UI layouts in general. I prefer very simple interfaces that are based as much as possible on text laid in rectangles. I think a lot of UI design is based on the designers wanting to play with all the shiny tools that are available to them, and on the idea that significant UI changes are required to differentiate each major release, caring more for "different" than any real improvement to the user experience. Probably some of these changes are improvements for mobile device users, but since I do not use mobile devices in that manner, I don't consider it as such. That trend is most prominent in commercial software products, but I even see it happen with some free open source software projects.

Since the old forum software had a more old fashioned interface, I do have a preference for the old interface in general. But there are also specific parts of the new interface that I greatly prefer.

Over decades of suffering through the "UI upgrades" of the software I rely on, I have learned that in the end I am usually better off to just accept and adapt to the change. I might take a look at the alternatives, but I usually find they are on the same track. My take is that I am still able to use the forum to accomplish what I want to do, so I'll be satisfied with what we have. I would rather focus my energy on the things I can do to make the world a slightly better place rather than on things I don't have any chance of changing.

Once you get past the interface to the underlying functionality, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the new forum is better. This software works exactly as it was intended to work. The few times when there was a small problem, the Discourse team was amazingly responsive. The old forum had so many problems, and only more and more over time. The moderator interface was really badly broken.

I don't have any involvement in that sort of decision. I'm mostly just here to learn and share the little knowledge I have just like everyone else. I am a moderator, which essentially just means I have the key to the janitor's closet. I try to take action on the feedback from the forum where it involves the small corners of the Arduino project I'm involved in, but I don't have anything to do with the website development.

The tricky thing is that any change you make is likely to upset some people even while it placates others, which means that the path of least resistance is to just stick with whatever is in place now as long as it is reasonably functional.


True, the actual script have nothing to do with the concept of "forum", it was developed for asocial-networks like facebook and similar other inutilities :wink:

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