Do you like the new forum?

I hope you are able to get some sleep with this cross-timezone arrangement. My day should have already ended by now.

How do I find a thread? The old forum had a feature that would show all the threads you were active in.

I can look at a list of my activity, but it shows every single post I made and so anything older is hard to find. If I know a poster's name, I can use that to search if they're not too prolific.

For example, some weeks after a thread dried up, I wanted to go back and ask the OP for an update. I couldn't remember his name or which section of the forum he had posted in. I had to think of a suitable word to search for. Luckily, the word wildebeest doesn't get used much in the forums so it was easy to find, but if I hadn't had that, I would likely never have found it.

did you try the advanced search option? (the cursors in the search bar)


you can tailor a few things

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I hadn't seen it and it helps, a bit, but I still have to remember something to search for and if it isn't unusual, it gets me a pretty long list to scroll through.


how would you have done it in the old forum?
(you don't need to fill in the search bar with a keyword)

I'm fairly sure there was a list of all topics I had responded in, so it would have been a much smaller list to search through and I could have used browser search on the page (again assuming I had a valid title keyword) to find the topic.

you don't need a keyword to get the list of topics where you posted. just select you are looking for things where you posted

and may be fine tune by date or some other stuff to narrow the search


That's it! Actually, it is still a huge list, but hey - that's what I asked for.

Thanks again.

Everyone can access the list of their posts just adding /posted to the forum url,


I appreciate that avatar images are kept small, presumably to save on bandwidth. It does lead to some amusing optical illusions though - for several days since @ruilviana put up a new image, I thought it was a cartoon horse head, which seemed odd.

It was only when I looked at the larger image that it became obvious it was actually the James Webb space telescope. Sometimes of course, if it's a photo of someone standing at a marina or whatever, I can't even manage a comedic misinterpretation, merely "What on earth is that" :grin:

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Was there a change to the forum fonts yesterday? Everything seems larger.

I hadn't even noticed, but now that you mention it. Not in the composer window though i think.