Do you make your own arduino's?

Hi, I would like to buy an arduino but it isn't available in my country, So I thought to build my own one... but I didn't find any resources! can you help me please?

Do a search on 'Arduino standalone'.

I found some topics but they weren't very clear... specialy when they start talking about the ATMEG ...

This is the one you want. I can't imagine how it could be any more clear

I also just did my own, too. Lots of people do this. Here's mine:

It depends on what you're looking for. There are the assorted instructions for building an Arduino on a protoboard. There are things aimed at homemade PCBs, with varying degrees of compatibility ("none" for something like the Really Bare Bones Board and clones thereof, "quite a bit" for things like the Single Sided Serial Arduinos.)

In any case, the biggest problems are going to be 1) getting parts, and 2) getting the Arduino bootloader onto the AVR chip without some other hardware to do it.

You didn't say which country you're in...

As I said... I'm looking 4 building an arduino "Specialy the ARDUINO UNO" on a "Circuit Board", some prepared Boards aren't availible here! so I should creat an arduino by using a Circuit Board and some microships!! that's it.

Ps: thanks 4 repealing me!

The problem with making a Uno is that it uses a small processor chip to act as the USB to serial converter. This is a small surface mount part that is difficult to handle using prototyping board. There are other versions of the arduino that just use a commercial module for this. There is even a version that uses the normal RS232 serial connector, if you computer has a serial port then this is probably the easiest and cheapest variant to build.

You still haven said what country you are in. The more information you can provide the more help can be given.