Do you need to use a power regulator with an ATTiny chip?

I'd like to use an ATTiny 85 in a project, and I'm wondering if I can simply use a 5v 2a wall wart, or if I need to ensure a good, consistent power supply and use a power regulator?


If the 5v 2A is a switching power source, then there is no problem and you can connect straight to Vcc. If it ain't, get a linear regulator.


Stupid question: what's a switching power source? What's a linear regulator?

Thanks again!

Google and wikipedia are your best friends.

Edit: LM7805 is a common regulator for 5V.

Does it put out 5V when there's nothing connected to it? (no load).

If so, you can use it. If not, it will most likely set the chip on fire. You will need to add a regulator (eg. LM7805)

PS: If it's a newer one with USB connector then you're OK.

If the wall-wart is already 5V you can't put a LM7805 regulator on that, it's too low. The LM7805 needs at least 7.5V input to regulate effectively down to 5V.

It doesn't matter if the 5V wall-wart is linear or switching. As long as it is regulated output then he should be fine. The main difference between switching and linear regulators is the efficiency of conversion. Switching regulators are more efficient. Linear regulators wastes a lot of energy as heat.

Thank you!