do you recognise this booster?

this dc booster, T9F9, is for sale on the ebay.
Further down the page it shows this as connections.
Anybody know what SHDN and UIN are? they are the inputs but which is the connection for the 12v if GND is the 0v connection?
I am guessing if UH OUT is High voltage out then UIN might be voltage in? but what is SHDN?

I can't access the second link without a username and password.

SHDN is usually a "shutdown" input, i.e. turn off the module when HIGH. Note: it should be labeled *SHDN if LOW turns off the module, but who knows? Try both and see.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have corrected the second link and now it works, I think.
The picture is just taken from the one further down the page of the e-bay page that is the first link.

Do you think I will have to hold the SHDN down(or up) to stop it closing down and what voltage do you think it will need if I put 12v on the input?

Oh what the heck I might as well try it, at least if I know that the UIN is the +v input side I can just leave the other open (SHDN) and see what I get.


SHDN is usually a logic level input, so try either 5V or 0V (GND).

U means voltage. Its sometimes used in place of V (especially if talking about velocity as well, since v stands for velocity). It also distinquishes between the physical quantity (electrical potential difference) and the unit

Except they use "u" everywhere on the board, even when it should be the unit V, not the physical quantity.

12v-24v would make more sense as an input voltage, for example. "Hight Uoltage" is also funny.

I would not buy it. If they can't spell "v" then who knows what else is dangerously wrong with it.