do you recognize these connectors ?


i have this old electronic machine. it embeds a certain device connected to the main board with this connector below

i beleive it is COM Serial communication. i want to sniff what is being exchanged between this host device and this embedded peripheral

what i had in mind was to insert some sort of listener between the two (man-in-the-middle so to speak)

i was thinking of using the bus pirate or a similar device, but my problem right now is that : * radiospare has too many references for me to find the exact corresponding the connectors (i need both male and female). i know it has 8 pins and it is rather small. i would bet it is somehow standard (meaning the manufacturer has probably bought such somehow standard connectors instead of designing such connectors only for this device)

  • connectors are too small for me to manage to solder stuff myself (besides i have too big fingers and i am too dangerous with a soldering iron :))

do you guys recognize such connectors ? would you have an alternative idea for me to sniff the data being exchanged ?

thanks fourchette

I may have found what you need. Take a look at the parts I posted here;topicseen

interesting. thanks a lot for pointing these out Crossroads.

i apologize for the ugly pics. unfortunately my camera is crap. i'll try to borrow my friend one and take clearer pictures

however, i just don't have a clue about the kind of tool to measure the distance between the first and last pin. would you guys have a recommendation for such a device ? on RS they let us select pitches of 2.0 mm 2.54mm 2.5mm 3.0mm however, the complete connector is about less than 1cm i'd say but even the smallest pitch 2 * 8 => 1.6cm would be much bigger than the actual connector

i am confused =( :~

maybe KE7GKP makes a point in claiming that finding the connectors is likely to be harder to just solder stuff

my problem is that by soldering stuff on the main board, given the size of components (they are all very near to each other) and my overall experience/skills with soldering, i feel it is much more likely i end up breaking everything which would just spoil the fun

i'll try to see if i can dig up some manufacturer tech information about devices, you never know what google manage to dig out sometimes :p

an idea for the measuring tool ? (it needs to be accurate enough below 1 cm it seems) i need to stop making assumptions and start given solid figures here ;)


Take a regular DIP part and compare it to the spacing of the pins. A DIP part has pins 0.1"/2.54mm apart. Are the suspect pins smaller than that? Like twice as many, so 0.05"/1.27mm pitch?

thank you all for the tips

i managed to find the reference of the connectors

drumroll plz....


it is a 08SUR-32S from manufacturer JSR

amazing what google can index sometimes :-)