Do you use your arduino for robots? - BotStop.NET

Do you use your arduino for robots? If so I have a website you might be interested in.

BotStop.NET is a brand new robot community website providing users with the tools to upload their robots, get them reviewed by other robot creators and collaborate on their projects.

We have a massive robot components section full of parts and bits to add to your creations. Search for a specific servo or microcontroller, or maybe choose the best battery for your robot by filtering to find exactly what you need. Also we serve many robot tutorials for your to get the most out of your robots and to give you a helping hand when making your own.

Last but not least we have a large robot community which allows robot lovers from all over the world to get in touch.

We have a competition starting within the week where you can win a motor controller, microcontrollers (Arduino) and various other electronics and wheels. Be sure to sign up and upload your robot to take part.

Many Thanks,

PS - I hope i’m not breaking any rules by posting here. Thanks.


PS - I hope i’m not breaking any rules by posting here. Thanks.

As long as you aren’t spamming, you should be fine.

You might want to think of a different “mascot” than Bender from Futurama - unless you have licensing rights, of course…

What was wrong with the existing “Let’s make robots” website?


There is nothing wrong with letsmakerobots, it seems to work well.

And yes - I will be doing a competition for a new mascot, for which the winner will win a pair of DC motors + a motor controller.