Docs for compiling and uploading outside of the GUI/IDE

I'm considering buying an Arduino but I'm concerned I will be forced into using a GUI to edit sketches versus just editing them using my own chosen text editor, and just compiling and uploading using the UNIX command line (e.g., perhaps via calling GNU make in the correct directory).

To that end, where is the documentation that shows how to edit, compile, and upload sketches to a connect Arduino on a Linux system directly and outside of the GUI/IDE? I've read the FAQ and the guide but it seems to always steer the user to the GUI. What I'm after is an arrangement where I can edit the sketch text files using my own text editor, and type a UNIX (bash) command-line to just build and upload it to the device.


You can edit with Notepad++ & save, then open the file in the IDE for easy compile/upload.
I personnally don’t have any issues with creating/editing/compiling/uploading in the IDE.

As CR points out, you can enable external editors in the IDE.

If you google "Arduino Makefile" you'll find plenty of resources on how to do the compiling.