Documentation Bug in Creating Libraries Tutorial


I am a brand new user. I was going through the tutorial on creating Libraries:

and I discovered that the text mentioned #include "WProgram.h" a few times.

The compiler could not find this header. I searched the whole Arduino directory and I could not find it. I did find the "Arduino.h" header and it seems to work (at least now it complies).

Did you change the header from "WProgram.h" to "Arduino.h"?

I suggest that you change this as new users will get hung up trying to get their own libraries to compile - I took me over an hour to find this documentation error [smile].

Please write to my e-mail when you have read this bug report so that I know that you received it.

Thanks, Paul

There have been a few threads pointing out this specific error, as well as many other playground libraries. I doubt a fix will happen in the near future. The Arduino team knew that many tutorials will need to be fixed with the 1.0 release, but never did any updating before the release.

This probably means that they are expecting the library writers to do it themselves. Which is unfortunate as many of them have moved on it appears.