Documentation summary?

I've just received the Arduino starterkit, and could implement my first test projects :-)

Unfortunately I couldn't find much documentation, about the IDE, language, debugging, components, libraries etc. for download, for offline studies, searching etc. :-(

Does there exist a list of downloadable document files, related to Arduino development?

There are programs that will let you download a web page and the pages it links to. You can use such a program to download:

You already have an offline copy of the Reference in your Arduino installation. Just select Help->Reference

Thanks for your assistance :-)

Having built my first computer 50 years ago, I'm looking for more internals, like what's going on outside loop(), where does a program reside (flash?), parallel processes (available?), what debugging aids exist etc. E.g. it took much time to figure out how to write a function accepting parameters, not having practiced C in the last decades.

I understand that e.g. compiler and hardware documentation is beyond the scope of the Arduino site or forum, but I hoped to find a list with links to related external documentation sources, somewhere. If no such overview exists yet, should we create one?

I'm looking for more internals, like what's going on outside loop()

You have the source code: look for "main.cpp"

where does a program reside (flash?)

Yup. It's a Harvard architecture device.

parallel processes (available?)

User-implemented cooperative multitasking.

, what debugging aids exist etc

Pretty much debug prints only at the moment on the 8 bitters; flash-based Harvard is a tricky one to debug in the traditional way of replacing instructions with breakpoints.

I’m looking for more internals

A lot of that isn’t specifically documented within the Arduino framework, because it’s not viewed as being of interest to the main target audience.
However, the compiler is avr-gcc, which is documented in numerous places.
libc is from avr-libc, which is documented AVR Libc Home Page (however, be careful of versions.)
The arduino core (source code) is in hardware/arduino/cores
The preprocessing and build process is described here: (and up a few levels in the url for other stuff)

A lot of stuff is documented in weird places, or within forum topics, and there are occasionally additional (more technical?) discussions in other forums (, element14, stackexchange, etc.) For example, you might like this analysis of an “empty” arduino sketch: (this is slightly outdated at this point, but still pretty close.)

I just noticed a significant improvement of the Starterkit page, with links to datasheets for many more components!

Thanks for all the links, and seasonal greetings to everybody :-)