[Documetation] 3rd Party Projects for the Yún

Hi All,
this is a follow up on the documentation I am working on for the Arduino Yún. Today I'm officially posting a list of 3rd Party Projects for the Yún. I've gone through these online tutorials to make sure they are

  • clearly written
  • provide an easily learn-able lesson
  • include source code
  • provide at least a schematics, a picture, or a video, if not all three
    My objective is to have a decent reference pages. I've tried to be brief, have good links, and have a good flow. For those that do not know, the Linux part of the Yun is based on OpenWrt.

I'd like to get some feedback. The pages are mobile (phone & tablet) friendly.

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Hi Jesse,

If you would please let me have feedback on the Arduino Yun vivarium controller project @ GitHub - cydergoth/vivarium at yun and let me know what is missing, I can try to update it to account for those issues.


Hi Jesse,

If you would please let me have feedback on the Arduino Yun vivarium controller project (....)

Hi cydergoth,

you'll be happy to know I already have your project on my list of "More elaborate project". As a matter of fact when you first posted your project on Jan 4, HERE - as Vivarium Controller with Yun and DS18B20, I decided than that I should have an additional category. That is to say, your fine work encouraged me to create this list AND start another list (which is where yours is).

Right now that list is a set of bookmarks on my webbrowser. Which by the way, many of the notes I have can be seen HERE in a mostly complete state.

My Summary NOTES say I have posted 5 things, have 10 more in the queue, and another 7 as bookmarks. I'll try to get to the one that lists your stuff early next month. At that time, I'll likely do "SonnyYu Quick Notes" also.

Lastly, my style of writing means I write things weeks ahead of time, and the re-read and edit at least twice before making an announcement.

Thanks again for your note,