[Documetation] Init to Prompt

Hi All, this is a follow up on the documentation I am working on for the Arduino Yún. Today I'm officially posting Init to Prompt for the Yún. This section is incomplete, but has enough reference to let you know what is going on. The page talks about rcS the main script that configures the OS and starts important background tasks.

My objective is to have a decent reference pages. I've tried to be brief, have good links, and have a good flow. For those that do not know, the Linux part of the Yun is based on OpenWrt.

I'd like to get some feedback. The pages are mobile (phone & tablet) friendly.

Previous Post:

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Thank you so much for taking it upon yourself to do this. Those guys over in Italy should've done this out the gate. Also, so much for open source/open hardware. Shame shame shame. I guess money sometimes gets in the way of open thoughts!