[Documetation] Yún (Yun) List of Software Packages

Hi All, this is a follow up on the documentation I am working on for the Arduino Yún. I want to make clear this is my own effort and in now way is directly connected with the Arduino organization.

Today I'm posting a List of Software Packages available for the Arduino Yún. This list, containing 2375 packages, was created on Dec 17, 2014 (update coming) http://codesnippets.altervista.org/documentation/yun/packages/packages.html

A partial count includes:

  • Kernel Modules (309)
  • Languages packages (331+)
  • Libraries (C/C++) (212)
  • Network packages (650)

In addition, I want to reference two (2) posts made by SonnyYu

My objective is to have a decent reference pages. I've tried to be brief, have good links, and have a good flow. For those that do not know, the Linux part of the Yun is based on OpenWrt.

I'd like to get some feedback. The pages are mobile (phone & tablet) friendly.

From Previous Post:

Index of the Official Blogs for the Arduino Yún (including videos) http://codesnippets.altervista.org/documentation/yun/official/blogs.html

Index of OpenWrt Video Tutorials by Guido Kroon http://codesnippets.altervista.org/documentation/yun/videos/videos.html

Arduino Yún LEDs http://codesnippets.altervista.org/documentation/yun/leds/leds.html