.docx or .zip?

This is completely random but this is the only place I can think to put this:

If you have a .docx (new microsoft word 2007 format) but not word 2007 then you can convert it into a load of different files (including the pictures inbedded) if you change the .docx at the end to .zip

Sorry for the bad wording.

It creates lots of xml files which, if feel could be converted back into a .doc or something more readable than the text hidden in the code.

I’m not good with .xml or any languages with this syntax so if someone come up with a method that would be really cool.

Open office 3 can read but not save .docx format documents.
But you can then save the document in native open office, any of the other windows formats or a load of other formats. Its available for Windows, mac and linux.

If you arnt familiar with it, its a full open source office suite.


Cool, I haven’t got V3 yet. I hate the colour palette choice, very drab.