doenload adiosrv.pde

im trying to find the file adisrv.pde so that my arduino could translate matlab code
all of the sites sent me to "mathworks" and got me downloaded all kind of zip files such as "ArduinoIO_Slides" "ArduinoIO" "I2C_read_block_for_ArduinoIO_package" and "MLX90614_Infrared_Thermometer(Arduino)[V19]"

non of them contain the adiosrv.pde file
can i download it from here?
and if not from where?

thank you

maybe the extension has changed to .ino like all the Arduino code after 1.0.0 (2yrs ago?)

I think that sketch has been split into several sketches:

[color=#626b77]% ArduinoIO (a.k.a "Tethered" MATLAB Support Package for Arduino)

% Version 4.5 (R2014a), G. Campa, 30-Jun-2014
% Copyright 2013 The MathWorks, Inc.
% This is a MATLAB package that allows performing Analog/Digital Input
% and Output (as well as other operations) with the Arduino Board from the
% MATLAB command line. A library of simulink blocks is also provided.
% Please read the file readme.txt for more info
% pde/adio : folder containing the adio.pde sketch
% pde/adioe : folder containing the adioe.pde sketch
% pde/adioes : folder containing the adioes.pde sketch
% pde/motor_v1 : folder containing the motor_v1.pde sketch
% pde/motor_v2 : folder containing the motor_v2.pde sketch