Does a continuous rotation servo mind short bursts of too heavy load?

Hey guys 'n galls,

I'm new to using servos and I need a little guidance;
I'd like to use a continuous rotation servo in my project to roll up a length of rope.
The way i've got it working right now is to let it rotate for x seconds before I stop the rotation.
However, there's a split second where the rope is rolled up and won't give any further, while the servo is still trying to rotate.

I'm wondering if this is harmful to my servo, and if so, will it have a huge impact on it's lifespan or isn't it all that bad?

It depends on the quality of the servo. Plastic gears may strip.

In general the servo will heat up when overloaded, if overloaded for too long it
will cook and fail. Small servos don't have much cooling to help with this, so
you have to limit the duty cycle of heavy loading to a level that isn't a problem,
some experimentation (see how hot it gets, basically).

I recently cooked a servo that was being mechnically overloaded, symptoms were
suddenly taking 3A+ from the supply and smelling nasty. Magic (but pongy) smoke
escaped one of the driver transistors/mosfets and one of the internal wires