Does ADKEYs play specific mp3 file and will not play the next mp3 file?

Referring to this link
I would like to know what ADKEY1 and ADKEY2 really does, including their “derivatives” (segment 2 to 4, segment 6 to 14)?

  1. Does it mean that when I press any segment button, it will play the corresponding mp3 saved in the SDcard then automatically stops depending on the “delay” allocated?
  2. Will it really stop playing the particular mp3 and never play the next mp3?

It is because I would like to utilize the TimeAlarms schedules output, that is, I will use the voltage output of the LED output to a Relay circuit to “short” the a button of a segment of ADKEY (to play the specific mp3) I know that the best way is to just program, but I know more of utilizing electronic components than programming.

I’m trying to check the net for sample code that implements playing of specified mp3 files at a particular time, and not sequential (playing the next mp3), but I what I found is not yet substantial for me.

If anyone knows the code, I would appreciate it.
I already have a working RTC Alarm using TimeAlarm library, but now I want to integrate the DFplayer mini in it.