Does any display turn off with button.

I'm trying to find a display that I can turn on and off with a simple command linked to a button push. All my searches bring up different stuff but nothing what I need.

I want one that has a command in the library that can simply turn it on or off with a button push. Does such one exist?

OK, now define "display", define "turn off" and explain why you want to "turn off" a display.

One suspects you are perhaps considering power conservation and/ or battery operation, but the discussion completely depends on just what your reasoning is.

I guess more so the backlight. But it would be nice to shut off the whole display for longevity.

Turn off shut off as in off. No light, no information. I dont need a fancy display either. Just something to display some numbers.

So you could use one of the common “1602” displays from eBay or Aliexpress (if you can wait :roll_eyes: ) with an I2C “backpack” and Bill’s HD44780 library installed via the IDE Library Manager, which includes plenty of examples to start with.

I’m not sure to what extent shutting down the display driver enhances longevity in the LCD, and people do say that the LED fades over time (years).