Does anybody have good Idea for fruit smasher

Hey fellas, SO, I'm making mojito machine. And I need to make cheap and easy design device that would be able to smash lime. Just like in this video : Mojitor. Making Mojito Cocktail Machine (Prototype) - YouTube My idea is to make magnetic linear motor. Or mount coctail muddler on worm gear and use stepper motor. The thing is I've never ever made it before and I'm not sure which of those two methods would be more efficient and more simple design. Or maybe someone have better idea ? Please share your minds :slight_smile:

I'd advise using the same technology you see in 3D printers as much as possible. The reason is that there is such a large market for 3D printers that the parts have become very cheap and readily available. In my experience, linear motion solutions are usually very expensive, but not too bad if you use the 3D printer parts purchased from Chinese sellers on eBay. So I'd go with linear rails and a leadscrew driven by a stepper for the linear motion on the smasher.

Cheap linear actuator might be the simplest approach.

Piston driven by crankshaft. Drive with a stepper or DC motor + limit switches for positioning.

A miniature steam hammer would be appropriate for a steam-punk themed version!