Does anybody, use design spark?

a long shot, wonder if anybody uses design spark?, just cannot find tqfp 32 wonder if anybody knows which libary it is in?
thank you

It must be there, as others have used this footprint.

// Per.

ok got it now i downloaded the pcb and copied it
thank you very much

I spent a bunch of time researching the various free EDA options a year or two ago. At that time Design Spark looked good because it didn't have the limitations of Eagle or DipTrace and KiCad and gEDA were not actively developed. I put a real effort into working with it but it became apparent that there was just no community around that software. Around then CERN started working on KiCad, I switched over and I think that was the best decision because it is quickly overtaking Eagle as the most popular option, while I rarely hear anything about Design Spark.

I use it.

I used to use Easy PC, it has a very similar feel, (which is no accident).

Great programme but the libraries need improving.
They have their own Blog but support for Arduino seems to be lacking.
If the part you require is sold by RS and is in the library it is great.

I have not used it recently but for Arduino , i found that Eagle files were more readily available.

"because it is quickly overtaking Eagle"

... what makes you say that? Has there been news about Eagle I dont know about?

IMO... Eagle has a HUGE community support and has been around for years (and years)..

Is KiCAD moving that fast?

What makes it better than using Eagle? And how is it 'taking over'?

Library/package support? Community/3rd party scripts for added behavior?

... what makes you say that?

Just the sense I get, completely subjective.

What makes it better than using Eagle?

Open source. Free. No limitations. These are huge considerations for most members of the open source hardware community. Sure there is a freeware version of Eagle but not for commercial use and it has limitations. If you already are experienced with Eagle then there is not so much motivation to switch to KiCad but if you are starting from scratch you can evaluate the various options on a level playing field and KiCad becomes very attractive. So although the people who started in this field years ago will be predominantly using Eagle I think more of the next generation will choose KiCad, that's the future.

I rarely hear anything about Design Spark.

I found the same and could not understand why, this was some years ago though.

Does Kicad have a large following now. ?

I suspected that the lack of interest in design spark was perhaps geographical in nature.