Does anyone have an Arduino Due DesignSpark PCB example I could see?


I'm starting a project where I need to create a surface mount PCB using the Arduino Due. I've selected DesignSpark as my PCB design software, just because it's free and seems pretty capable. Does anyone have a PCB example using the Arduino Due that I can see? It'd save me tons of time!


  • Bret

Hi Bret,

Sorry for the late reply. I just downloaded DesignSpark today because I was tired of the size limitation on Eagle. Need to go slightly bigger. Always had good luck with Eagle, but sadly don't have the money to upgrade to a better version.

One of the reasons I chose DesignSpark over other packages out there was because it says it can import Eagle design files. So to get your DUE schematics and boards, just go to the website. You can download the eagle files there. Once you have the Eagle files, it's takes just a bit of very minor work to get them into DesignSpark. Sadly, you have to have Eagle installed to do this. I've been able to do what I need to with the free version.

Essentially, download the board and schematic as I said. Then open them in Eagle. From there, you just run a ULP script to convert the file to a format that DesignSpark can open.

For example, in Eagle, click the ULP button (of File, Run ULP). Browse to where you installed DesignSpark. Mine is in my Program Files/DesignSpark PCB. Then open the EagleULP folder.

For the schematic, you want to run SchematicToIntermediate.ulp.

For the board, you want to run PcbToIntermediate.ulp.

There's some other fun stuff in there too that you may find helpful.

Once you have the "intermediates" created, just open them in DesignSpark.

My Eagle files came over just a dream. No issues. Hope this helps. And if it doesn't, just google "Eagle into DesignSpark" or check out the help files in DesignSpark.

I cannot understand why noone put the finished designspark files somwhere for download, or why they cannot include the conversion in designspark. I really dont want to have to install eagle just to convert a library now and then..


If anyone has converted to design spark format , any chance of an upload ?

I dont have eagle either.