Does anyone have experience programming on the pcDuino?

I've got a pretty serious data logging need and it appears that perhaps the new Due can keep up, but then I read the specs on the pcDuino. It's similar to the Due and Raspberry Pi, but is clocked at 1Ghz, has 2Gb of Flash, 1Gb of DRAM, HDMI and Wifi interface and it can run Arduino shields with a hardware interface, but subject to the 3.3v issues the Due has. The price is about $60. The following two videos make me think it could be my answer:

I've even heard GCC is onboard. Does anyone have any experience programming it?

On same site also a tutorial about programming it:

I have Raspberry and some things are similar. You are on a mini-computer with a O.S. linux. Programming in C++ or Python. For pins you use directly the pin as a file (not Raspberry, it require a library for C o Python). For I2C required a library like Raspberry.

sudo apt-get install i2c-tools

Yes, I did see that, but it was published by Sparkfun who is also the US distributor. I was hoping for someone here's opinion on it.

pcDuino for a superuser of forum is very great. But this opinion is expressed here in italian. You can try using google translator or sending a PM to it.

@astrobeed is a very expert about MCU.


econjack: It's similar to the Due and Raspberry Pi,

It is similar to the Pi, but not the Due.

The Due is a standalone Microcontroller.

The Pi and this pcDuino are both embedded computers running an operating system.

That's quite a bit of difference there.