Does anyone have the images used in the tutorials?

Hi everybody

I was thinking about doing some fancy documentation for the project I'm working on. I really like the illustrations on the Examples (Tutorials) pages (I'll post an example in a second - this is my first post, so I can't have links in it, apparently).

But does anyone have the "blank" images? I.e. images without the connections drawn in? Or does anyone know where I can find them?
Vectorized files would be awesome, but even just the bitmaps would be neat.


Here's an example of the images I'm talking about:

What I'm looking for are pictures of a "clean" board, and – if possible – a clean breadboard, too. Little things like the resistors and LEDs, would also be neat to have, so I can make my own colorful "schematics"

Thanks again

see fritzing:

Oh, awesome! Thanks, mem! Didn't know that software existed - thought the illustrations were "hand-made"