Does anyone know how this works?


It doesn’t work - it is incomplete, so won’t compile.

Please remember to use code tags when posting code

Where's the setup() and loop() functions?

Stick a few prints in it, try to figure out what all the variables do.

Maybe slow it down so you can match the prints to the lights (?)

If you are going to copy code from somewhere and expect someone to answer questions, you need to show all the code you copied.

For us to say how it works, we need two things. The complete sketch, in code tags, and a description of "what it does", i.e. how it behaves, what function does it perform, what hardware is it connected to...

Well, at least tell us what “works” means.

What does it DO?


Please edit your posts to add code tags.

Huh. A vandal. I wonder how that ends.

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