Does anyone know to grt these boars to work on Arduino ?

here is the site where I found them ....Alternate CORE files for Arduino....
but for some reason I put the files in hardware and they are not showing up ?any Help would be great
mabe you know something i don't

Well, I would start by looking at the date on that web page and then trying to find out which version of Arduino existed at that time. It probably only works on 1.0 version Arduino and not 1.5 (which is the origin of the current 1.6.x versions.)

It may only work on an Arduino version before 1.0.

good call ill look at that

ok that was made more than 6 years ago in 2010 so im not sure which version that might be

wowsers here is how to migrate boards

looks a little involved :{

You can always use the older versions of the IDE.

And BTW you might want to amend your first post. This is what a boar is:

Wild boar