Does anyone know How to import Library .h files on iMac OS

:cold_sweat: Hi all

Very confuse of how to navigate to the Arduino Library folder on iMac OS , have search on forum but nothing seems to make sense , I am trying to import a header file in to the project so in Arduino IDE i went via Sketch--->Add file browser to the header file and then I exit the IDE and relaunch as some tread suggested this . nothing happens ,

I could only have a Arduino folder in the following path username/documents/Arduino

can someone please provide a step by step instructor on how to import a header file for iMac OS users . please

I am trying to run a DC motor for the first time in my life and stumble across this basic issue that i can't seem to figure out form myself.


the operating system shouldn't matter. you do need to add an include statement at the top of your code, though.

Open your sketch folder (~/Documents/Arduino). Create a folder there called 'libraries' if it doesn't exist. Go to the libraries folder. Create a folder that has the same name as the library you are installing. Go to that folder. Put your header file here. It MUST have the same name as the library.

Re-start the Arduino IDE.

Now your library should show up under Sketch->Import Library... so you can 'import it' to your sketch.

Thank you both sooooo much , can't believe it was this simple

and a big special thanks to Johnwasser its that basic DC motor test that i am trying to run :) so thanks for that tread reply too.

kind regards