Does anyone know how to use this programmer ?

I bought one of these from china it took about a month and a half to get it .. it is suppose to unlock
any avr made I guess ..that is what the description said anyway ..I was going to disable reset on one of my mega's to test it but there is no start button nothing I have wrote the people I bought it from they will not respond i was wondering if anyone on here might know how to use it module Picture - More Detailed Picture about Free Shipping!!! High Voltage Serial Parallel AVR programmer Unlocker ATtiny2313A module Picture in Replacement Parts & Accessories from Global Electronic Market | | Alibaba Group

Look at: Perhaps your answer is in there.


ill do that paul thanks

I went there but im not sure what this thing is called exactly so its hard to know what programmer to read about

It has the software that talks to the device you have.


yes i do believe it does but how do I fix a chip that I have disabled reset is what I'm trying to figure out.
i don't have any of those rite now but i bought it in case I did..I paid 23.00 for this thing I thought that was a deal..... mmmm maybe not