Does anyone make a mega-nano

I really like the DIP-like package of the nano. I've never been a fan of the whole sheild concept. I'd rather have something I can drop into a board like a chip. And who wouldn't like the power of the mega? Does anyone make a mega in a nano-like package? :-/

I recall someone posting a picture of a DIP packaged AVR1280 module, it was a monster with like 100 pins. Sorry can't find link.


I found this:

I would love to see a 100 pin DIP (even more awesome would be if it were a .600 white ceramic package with gold plated leads and chip cover)...


Just found this, too:

Though you couldn't use it on any breadboard I know of...


The teensy++ with the teensyduino add-on looks promising. The spec page emphasizes the fact that teensy is not an arduino clone and some sketches wont run on it but no details are given. That worries me. :-?
The price is right.

That worries me.

Well because it uses a diffent processor chip that the Arduino IDE doesn't support directly, you have to install modifications to the IDE and possibly some of the libraries to allow the IDE to work with that module. The manufacture has avalible most of the software mods you have to install, but it isn't a plug and play operation for sure.

So only a clone (board or DIP module) that uses a avr mega 1280 chip and runs with an external 16mhz crystal or resonator can be operated by using the standard Arduino mega board selection choice from the IDE tools menu.


but it isn't a plug and play operation for sure

It's fairly close. I followed the instructions on the web site and had a Teensy working with the Arduino IDE in less than 15 minutes.

It's fairly close. I followed the instructions on the web site and had a Teensy working with the Arduino IDE in less than 15 minutes.

I know that and it is only a one time operation. I went through similar procedures for a standalone 644P I built and had to modify the then current version 12. The pain was that each time the Arduino IDE version upgraded I would have to find the modification files and try and remember how to again modify which files, and hope that the files I was replacing themselves changed in the newest version. I think one will always tend to be reliant on the vendor to make sure future Arduino versions don't break something, etc.

I think the present version 18 allows for some custom board (chip) modifications outside of the main IDE files?


I think this is the one you are looking for. I got one from him and it is very nice

I think the main issues w the teensy++ board are that the pin/port/special function correspondences are different and it doesn't have the goofy arduino pin spacing so that shields don't work. That's pretty clearly spelled out on the website. unlike the arduino mega, the teensy++ only has one RX/TX pair. But he's drastically speeded up digitalWrite and uses a mode to read analog that doubles that speed as well.

one thing I've wondered about, looking through the datasheet for the avr 1286 on the teensy++, is that it seems to say (p7) that port B has better driving characteristics than the other ports. I couldn't find any details elsewhere in the datasheet.


I've got an Atmega2560 on a breakout board if you want something with the absolute minimum. You'd have to modify you boards.txt file to get it working since it isn't an Atmega1280. But for a little effort you get twice the program space. Although there is no reason I couldn't make one with an Atmega1280.

I like it with the female headers installed. They make it easy to just set it next to the breadboard and add your jumpers.