Does anyone recognise these connectors?


Some research leads me to believe that they are Molex connectors of some kind, but which ?

It is described as a

0.15" pitch 4-pin polarized connector.

This is the source of your image:


I know where I can buy the leads, what I am interested in is buying the connectors. In actual fact, what I would really like is a right angled connector that will fit the connector pins on the device, but I thought that I would keep it simple to start with

If it looks like a "JST" connector, and it smells like a "JST" connector, then it might be a real or a copy of a "JST" connector.
This is a similar JST connector:
However, the pin pitch is 3.96mm, that is 0.1559 inch.

There are 0.15" JST connectors (3.81mm), but I can't find that for this type of connector.

Can you measure the pin pitch ?

[ADDED] After looking at many pictures, the also look like certain Molex connectors. I think it is a copy of a Molex / JST type connector.

It certainly looks like the connector that you linked to

Even with a digital calliper measuring the pin pitch accurately is not easy, but I make it 4.15mm or 0.163 inches,

Could the 0.15" be just a name and it is 0.1559" for real ?
Then it is a more normal pin pitch.

I could not find connectors with the gray-ish plastic yet. Adafruit and Sparkfun have found them, so we should be able to find them as well :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you have the pcb pins header ? Then you can measure a pin itself and measure the outside of 4 pins. Pitch = (outside - pin) / 3
With the inaccuracy taken into account, can you get as low as 3.96 mm ?

Each pin 1.12 mm
Outside to outside of 4 pins = 12.90

so, pitch = (12.90 - 1.12) / 3 which is 3.93

Close enough ! only 0.03 mm difference.
So it is a normal 3.96 mm pin pitch JST / Molex alike connector of gray plastic. Perhaps the JST VHR series in my link fits, perhaps the dimensions are also different.

Thanks for the the input

I will probably take a punt on buying a likely candidate

Back in the "olden days" I would have taken the connector and PCB with the header into an actual electronic component store and asked "have you got a connector like this ?". Happy days !

Take a look at this datasheed:

Thanks for the link

A what? :astonished:

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Look like JST ( ) with locking tab.

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