Does anything exsist? Touchpad component?

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me, what im after is a laptop touch panel style componenet, but one that will work without actually being pressed or it be very sensitive. Reason being is i would like to have the touch-pad part underneath a peice of cardboard thats very very thin, almost thick paper? and then to work like a touchpad where the arduino could pickup the raw data.

Anyone think of anything?

Edit: I have noticed my laptop touchpad response really well to my finger even through thickish cardboard which is perfect, only problem is, it only works with my finger, i would like to be able to write with a pen on the cardboard, stylus's would work but again, they dont "write" like a normal pen either (or not that i have found yet)

Thanks Andy

Of course such things exist, there are separate laptop-style touchpads/trackpads/touch panels available for sale so there have to be components to make them. ;)

The more pertinent questions would be: "Are you willing to pay for and then repurpose an existing commericially available device?", or if not "Are you willing to spend the time and effor to put together something that functions like you describe out of various parts?". Either appoarch is possible and both will take at least some effort, but designing from scratch is usually (though not always) a more involved process than adapating a working product. So there will likely be a trade-off between money and time. Before going into more specific advice and suggestions I'd like to know which you would prefer.