Does Arduino have a built in sensor to detect speed or y axis rotation?

Hello, I have made an RC car but sometimes gets stuck in places where it just stops moving since the wheel is off the ground. Is there any sensor in the Arduino the detects its current position or detects if it's not moving? Thanks in advance.

Lots of RC car questions here but no one asking this question. How do other members handle this?
One way is to run the car in a place without those trapping obstacles.

Yeah but if there is any module on the Arduino to prevent this I rather do that

I've never heard of any such device.

And which 'Arduino' is that ?

There is quite a range of different 'Arduinos' so we can guess, but maybe incorrectly.

Why not use the RC controls and when they can't fix it, Your hand?

Arduino Uno

Zero motion is not built into any Arduino that I am aware of, but you could add a GPS module or an Accelerator module to probably any Arduino.

Once you detect no motion what is going to be done?

will just go back and turn to avoid the point where it gets stuck.

If your wheel is off the ground, how will you 'go back'?

If that works, why the question? Detect position? Why? You run it by RC.

Just throwing a thinking thing out there.

If I used a ESP32. I could use WiFi to detect RSSI's of several LAN's. If the car is moving, the RSSI values of the LAN's will change. Because the ESP32 has WIFi, the ESP32 could be made to transmit the info to an application that receives those numbers. If the RSSI values are not changing when being driven as viewed on the app, then the car is stuck.

You have amazing faith in RSSI!

I think I misformatted the question It is a car that uses obstacle avoidance and drives on its own.

@Railroader has a point though. If your car is autonomous and uses obstacle avoidance, the idea is not to get stuck anywhere at all, because once you get stuck (with an off the ground wheel), you probably won´t be able to get out.

Maybe you can use combination of your sensors data to detect that you´re going nowhere despite motors are on. What sensors do your car have?

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