Does Arduino IDE support Nucleo-STM7A3ZI?

Hello, quick question as topic; I'm about to buy one but can't really find any solid info if Arduino IDE support the Nucleo-STM7A3ZI board or not?


there are some hints it does (or for some versions)

Hmm, which will guaranteed do it of the H7 ones?

I've never see those boards... so can't say...

My research indicates the board is actually named "NUCLEO-H7A3ZI":

I didn't find any results for the version without the "H".

That might be useful information for the helpers to give the answer.

The limitation is not with the Arduino IDE. The Arduino IDE can support any microcontroller part. The limitation is whether some developer has created a boards platform for the microcontroller.

I didn't see this part mentioned in the most popular "stm32duino" boards platform, but I didn't look very closely:

I curate a list of every known Arduino boards platform here:
You can check there to see if you find one with support for this part.

Ok missed an "H" there, but it should probably have been found anyway.

But thanks for that link, exactly what I was looking for. But it looks like none of the H7 or F7 Nucleo boards are supported at all which I think I saw somewhere that at least a few were, and that there should be drivers for them or such. Surprised me a little since they have been around for some time, but they are not exactly seen as beginner boards and thus perhaps not keen to make a board.

Ok now I can answer my own question and the answer is no it does not, but the Arduino IDE although do support many H4, H7 and F7 board and several other variants. It doesn't support all boards only the more popular ones but it supported the one I choosed instead so all good in the end anyway.

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