Does "arduino" means something?


I wonder if "arduino" means something may be in italian?

Evidently it is the name of the bar that the original guys frequented when they came up with the idea - I will drink to that - Salute !

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Bar Re Arduino Di Di Gennaro Fabio in Piazza Vincenzo Gioberti, 13 a Ivrea, Torino

I love the bottles with CAFFE and BAR!

I have found this : arduino is an italian first name. But why have they choosen this first name.....?

"In 2005, in Ivrea, Italy (main site of the computer company Olivetti), a project was initiated to make a device for controlling student-built interaction design projects with less expense than with other prototyping systems available at the time. Founders Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles named the project after Arduin of Ivrea, the main historical character of the town.[6] "Arduino" is also an Italian masculine first name, meaning "brave friend".[7]"

Good thing they chose this more or less unique name in English-speaking worlds instead of some generic name like Processing. Most search results on google thus are not polluted by arduinos not related to this project.

crossroads : many thank’s!

Thanks Crossroads, I still like the urban legend better :slight_smile:

I had a sudden double-take situation in a cafe in Hampton Court Palace gardens just outside London, when I saw the the word Arduino on the coffee machine.

PCB/chip flavored coffee?

From what I recall, the product was named after the cafe that the designers frequented when they were developing it. The cafe was named after a medieval king that ruled the region.

Enjoy your coffee!

Yep - It s stands for another money pit into which you will willing pour all your otherwise uncommitted funds.

And you will enjoy it. And lose sleep doing it.

Yep - It stands for "we use funny spacing between two of our shield connectors because we can and we are Italian". :wink: