Does Arduino Uno support USB MIDI?

I've noticed many usb midi libs for Arduino but it's unclear to me if they work on the Uno. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


What is a duo ? A show with Two instruments playing music ? :innocent:

Whoops. Sorry =) I meant "Uno"

:wink: (there is something called the Due so I was not sure)

there has been discussion in the past
if you have a 16u2 chips on your Arduino, then it can be hacked into a MIDI controller. if it has a CH340 then it won't work

you can also look at USBMIDI - Arduino Reference

No, the ATmega328P microcontroller of the Uno does not have USB support. Programming it is done using a second chip, an ATmega16U2 that translates between USB and UART.

It is possible to flash custom MIDI USB firmware to the '16U2, but that is really cumbersome. I'd highly recommend getting a board with native USB support.
Here's an overview of boards with MIDI USB support: Control Surface: MIDI over USB

Which I have to say, is if it is actually a "UNO" and not a Duemilanove variant falsely advertised as a UNO, which is just so common. :roll_eyes: