does Arduino wifi sheild R3 exist ? and compare arduino wifi to adafruit wifi

Hi guys,

I am working on a project where I need to connect my android app to arduino through wifi. I am currently using arduino 2560 adk.

Now, I have read a lot of posts where users say that they have arduino wifi shield r3, but when I try to find this version r3 , I only come across a generic arduino wifi shield .. no r3 or anything , can anyone explain me if there is an R3 and if yes what is the difference between this r3 and the one in the link.

Also, has anyone tried adafruit cc3000 and link here

If yes, how was their experience with CC3000? I am a bit inclined to go cc3000 given its way cheaper.. but a bit scared as I am still learning and wouldnt want to struggle with set up on cc3000 for saving some money

Many thanks!

Yes, the R3 Wifi shield exisits. Here is one on the Adafruit website.

Even though this is not mentioned that it is an R3, it is.

The Adafruit cc3000 wifi controller is not compatible with the Arduino wifi library. I personally have no experience with the cc3000 controller.

The Arduino WiFi shield library has a problem with the server part of the library, but if you are using only TCP client and UDP, it works ok for me.

Hi surfer tim,

The first link is for ethernet shield , i couldnt find arduino wifi shield on adafruit.

perhaps you could resend the link please..


Oops! My bad. :blush: Adafruit does not carry the Arduino wifi shield, and I am actually a bit surprised they don't.

The second link is to the official wifi shield from Arduino. It is an R3. You can tell the R3 from previous versions by the two extra pins on each side of the shield. Note next to the AREF pin there are an SDA and SCL pins. Those pins are not present on the R2 and earlier Arduino boards.

Here is the Uno page. It has pics of both the R3 and R2 boards. Note the extra sockets on the R3.

Hi Surfertim,

I should have mentioned in my earlier post but got a bit carried away to recheck the r3 thing.

The link here shows the adafruit cc3000 compatibility with arduino

There was another page on the adafruit tutorial tab which shows a step by step instruction on how to connect arduino with cc3000, its here.

looks like it might work .. what I was thinking is that I will have to use adafruit IDE for the wifi part and arduino IDE for arduino part .. which may be a draw back but with the tutorial written so well it might be a good way to go ( and 1/3 the cost of an arduino wifi)

anyhow thought I should mention..


FYI: You probably won't get the same level of support for the cc3000 shield here on this forum as you would for the Arduino wifi shield. You will be limited to the Adafruit forum for any support or help for that shield.

However, the cc3000 may work better if you plan on using the wifi shield as a web server. The Arduino shield has a pretty serious bug in the server library.

Point noted Tim,

This is what I think how it will work

I was hoping to use the wifi module only to receive info via an android app .. The arduino Sketch will then do what's required as per the info it received ..

I hope I am thinking the right way .. I don't think I will need to set my wifi shield as a web server .. But all these wifi devices will be connected through my home router .

I think I will get arduino shield .. I am no expert at this yet.. Make it a bit easy for me.

Thanks again