Does ATMega 328 require 16mHz oscillator?

If I want to take the ATMega out of the Arduino and use it seperately, do I need to include the 16mHz oscillator? The only precision I need is the millis() method for recording the time a sensor was triggered.

A 16mHz oscillator is mighty slow (about 1 cycle per minute) - 16MHz would be more appropriate.
All timings (including “millis”) is based on the clock speed, so yes, you need a crystal.

Yes, I forgot to capitalize the M. The point was, is an oscillator required. Thanks for your answer, this one will work correct?

The Sparkfun crystal you have found will work but you have to add caps. I recently used crystal with built in caps to save some space.

That will work fine Aye :slight_smile:

If you think you might buy more chips later and use them on a breadboard or something, you should look into buying in bulk, save you quite a bit. I got 20x crystals for $6 with free shipping… I’ve only used about 5 so far, but regardless, they’re here when I need em. :slight_smile:

One thing to MAKE SURE you get, or have at least, when you’re using the crystals, you need two 22pF ceramic capacitors for the Crystal. (You can buy a Resonator which has the capacitors built in.)

Ok, thanks for the link. I didn’t know about the 22pF caps for the crystal. I think I read somewhere that the serial rx pin should be pulled down (or was it up?) to avoid the floating pin overwriting the program, is that right?