Does ATmega128 compatible with ATmega1280


I am working on a project based on AVR and GLCD. I have written my code in Arduino Mega 1280. Now my problem is that I have ordered the wrong controller. I know this is the silly question but I want to know that I have ordered ATmega128.

I have checked the datasheet of ATmega1280 and Both have no major differences. SO I want to know that can I use the code written for ATmega1280 for ATmega128?

Or, is there any way to use the code written for Arduino Mega128 to use for ATmega128?

I have loaded the code and I am getting the voltage at the output pins at which the GLCD is connected. But I am not getting output that should be. At first I was getting 5V on data pins of the GLCD but after that I am not getting 5V but 1V is available.

So I want solutions of above mentioned problems.

Please help me to solve this out.


google "arduino atmega128". There seems to be interesting stuff out there..