Does ESP8266 have different IP's?

Hi good day! I just wanted to ask for guidance before buying it I'm just confused does ESP8266 have different IP's when you buy how for many pcs? The reason I wanted to ask this is I want to control two devices that is controllable indoor or outdoor using WIFI connection.

Thank you everyone!

When you initialise the IP stack in your code, you define the MAC/IP and/or DHCP configuration.

From there, things will become clearer.

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Hi @katalepsy,
Your router usually gives different devices different IP addresses, or you can set the IP address with the correct code. Short answer: yes.

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You get to pick what IPs you want to use

If your router has some value
You can use the ESP8266 to scan what is a available
And you can set that address.

All done in software.

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Sort of. I use an IP scanner on my computer to check for available IP addresses and then program the one I want into my software. Try searching “static IP on esp8266” on google

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This works.

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Oh thank you so much mate

Yeah this is where I get confused just like what you said that routers that gives different ip's, glad thank you!!!

Thank you for this make sense to me!! ty'all

Networks are simply another layer of black magic.

It’s all quite logical if you care to study it, but you’ll be overwhelmed with 3-letter abbreviations which are important, but can often be ignored in a simple DHCP setup !

You are confusing static IP with dynamic IP. I use DHCP (dynamic) IP whenever possible which lets the router assign the IP address of the device. For those devices that I do not want the IP to change, like my Plex server for example, I tell the router to make the IP a permanent lease.

The only device in my home network with a fixed (static) IP address is the router itself.

Others here will swear by static IP addresses on everything. (Keeping track of all the IP addresses assigned is just not worth the effort.)

DHCP just simplifies things so much.

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