Does #include "max6675.h" effect my project?


I am currently working on a project and I included libraries for max6675, liquid crystal display, and keypad. The code won’t work once I add “#include max6675.h” and all the relating lines in. However, if I delete the lines, the code works as normal. May I have someone to help me with this issue?

Codes.txt (2.42 KB)

DatSandwich8574: The code won't work

That provides no useful information with which to help you.

What does the program actually and what do you want it to do that is different?

And DO NOT use goto in a program unless you are really experienced - i.e. sufficiently experienced not to need to ask questions here. GOTO just creates a tangle of spaghetti which may easily screw up the limited memory of an Arduino. Have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program


If you get an error, be sure to include the full text of any and all error messages.

Also, you appear to be unfamiliar with some key concepts.

  1. Functions - you can define functions in addition to setup() and loop(), and call them from the rest of your code. You might make a displayTemperature() function to draw the temperature, or whathaveyou. This is way better than goto statements.
  2. loop() is called repeatedly - every time it finishes, it is immediately called again. You don’t have to make the code inside it repeat as you have done.
  3. goto is an abomination, expert programmers may rarely find occasion to use it; us mere mortals should avoid it like the plague.
  4. You should post code using code tags (</> button) not as a file attachment when possible, as that makes it easier for people (particularly people on cellphones) to read and answer.