Does it work with ABS?

Does this printer only print with PLA materials? I accidentally ordered it with ABS spool... is there ways for the printer to adjust to ABS material?

To print ABS requires a higher nozzle temperature, a higher bed temperature and a print surface suitable for ABS, ABS doesn't stick to glass unlike PLA.

Theoretically if you adjusted the temperatures and covered the bed with kapton tape it might work, but the higher temperatures could damage the printer if it is not designed for it.

I couldn't find a definitive statement anywhere, so I suggest it is best to stick with PLA or the other recommended plastics.

Good news from here....

I was able last weekend to print yellow ABS with the standard Materia 101 extruder at 235 degrees without warping. My setup is the following:

  • based on an Materia 101 3D printer kit
  • extended with a folded Kaptan Heaterpad supplied with 12V, 20A power supply
  • printing at 235 degrees on a kaptan tape on top of the glass...
  • supported with UHU 'Magic' blue glue stick (without this it didn't work)

I've extend my Materia 101 Kit recently with a Kaptan Heaterpad. Although the size of this heaterpad was 20x20 cm, I was able to fold it to fit the dimensions of the Materia 101 tray. The power-supply is a 12V, 20A supply, which is able to bring up the temp to 100 degrees. The temp is controlled by a PID controller (industrial fridge controller) and I placed the PID sensor on the bottum of the tray. This enables me to control the temparature of the heater-bed indepdently of the printing process.

Although it's still an experimental setup I enjoyed it very much to see the first positve results... especially since I ordered 2 ABS spools, prior to having the the heater-bed construction in place.

Have a great 2015.


Thanks for the info. I am getting my printer next week and wanted to have a solution for ABS. This was helpful.
Maybe i will try the Kapton Heater pad method but was also thinking of trying out this - ( Mattroberts' Heated Bed - RepRap )
and attaching the resistors to the steel plate below the glass.

Btw I couldn't find the exact size of the glass piece on the printer. is It 100cmX100cm ? or the build area slightly smaller then the glass piece. But anyways i guess ill get the exact dimensions when the printer is here.


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