does MCUFRIEND_kbv.h work with RTouch.h ?

I wonder if I can use those both for touch screen

when I try to use TouchScreen.h and I am geting this error

MCUFRIEND_kbv\examples\Touch_shield_new\Touch_shield_new.ino:9:25: fatal error: TouchScreen.h: No such file or director

You have to install a library before you can use it. Use the Library Manager. Adafruit’s TouchScreen.h library is available through the Library Manager now.

The “old” TouchScreen.h was not compatible with Zero, STM32 or ESP32. It looks like the current version should work with non-AVR targets.

I have no idea what RTouch.h is. Library Manager does not recognise it.


Edit. It works with Zero. It does not work with STM32. Teensy uses its own TouchScreen.h
You can always use the Touchscreen_kbv class from the Calibration sketch for the STM32.

Edit. A simple mod to Touchscreen.h means that it will work with STM32

#if defined(ARDUINO_FEATHER52) || defined(ESP32) || defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_STM32) //.kbv
typedef volatile uint32_t RwReg;

sorry I meant URTouch.h, it complies without an error

the small modification to TouchScreen.h does not work I get now error

Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_TouchScreen-master/TouchScreen.h:51:12: error: 'RwReg' does not name a type

volatile RwReg *xp_port, *yp_port, *xm_port, *ym_port;

there must be more in the codes

but if I get the URTouch.h working with mcufriend it will be fine